Writing for websites is different than writing for print publications such as articles, newsletters and brochures. Web copy needs to be brief and to the point. It should be keyword rich in order to show up in the search results. Website visitors don’t read as much as they scan, so the copy should be broken up with white space, sub headings and bullet points.

Web Content vs. SEO copywriting

Web content includes all assets on a web page such as text, images, video or audio. Developing web content is typically a response to solving a visitors problems. SEO copywriting is more proactive and generally drives a response such as through calls to action. Both should be considered and employed when creating your website.

Why use a web content developer?

  • Save your time by using an experienced copywriter familiar with all web content assets
  • copy will be clear, scannable and easy to understand
  • receive polished, grammatically-correct copy written in a professional style
  • all content, including non-text assets, will be reviewed and analysis provided
  • search engine optimization best practices will be employed to help increase your ranking

Why use an SEO copywriter?

  • persuasive and engaging copy with appropriate use of keywords and anchor text
  • receive keyword research for added optimization opportunities
  • ensure your visitor remains longer on your site, going deeper and seeing more pages
  • compelling calls to action that guide visitor to next steps
  • rewrite existing copy for maximum exposure in search engine results

Web content development and SEO copywriting are two sides of the same coin. Used together, they are an effective strategy for website development that provide the best possible options for ranking well with the search engines.

Communication Artistry has written website copy for a variety of industries and provided web content analysis to many clients. Contact Marnie Hughes at marnie@communicationartistry.ca if you would like some website advice.