Press releases are an excellent way to distribute your information through media channels. It’s important to remember that press releases should be newsworthy and timely. They should also be of interest to people. If you hired a new marketing manager, that may be of interest to a very select group of people. If your company is in the midst of a hostile takeover affecting your entire industry, that’s a little more interesting to a broader audience. If it’s not news, consider writing an article instead.

Why write press releases?

  • reach a targeted media audience who could increase your website traffic significantly
  • a well written press release will include keywords and links to your website for optimum SEO
  • your business will be kept in front of potential customers and website visitors
  • if the news is particularly compelling, the release could go viral drastically increasing website traffic

There are no guarantees where your press release might go online. Make sure that it is clear and concise with the main point being made within the first couple of sentences. Quotes from important participants and brief bios of the company involved are generally helpful to include making the release a brief, self-contained document. Anchor text using your keywords and linking to your website are critical elements as well.

Communication Artistry has produced a number of press releases for a variety of industries and offers posting to press release sites in addition to copywriting services. Contact Marnie Hughes at if you need to produce and distribute a press release.