Web content and SEO copywriting may sound like two different things. To many, they seem like they are two ways of saying the same thing. It’s helpful to understand their differences while keeping in mind that they do work together.

What is Web Content?

When talking about web content, we’re referring to all of the assets that make up a web page such as text, images, video and audio or podcasts.  A web content developer is someone who is responding to the needs of their target audience by providing the elements and layout that would most appeal to them.  A web content developer wants to ensure that visitors get answers to their questions or have their problem solved when they get to your site. This is primarily a reactive response based on visitor requirements.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting employs certain techniques such as keyword research and placement, anchor text suggestions, meta tag and meta description development. The copy will be compelling and persuasive as with most marketing communications, but to be truly successful on a website it needs to be clear, scannable and easy to understand.  SEO copywriting is more proactive as it generally drives a response through calls to action.

Web content and SEO Copywriting are pillars of your website success.

Quality web content deals with what type of information you want to present on your website based on the needs of your target visitors. You want to make sure that your website provides answers to their questions and speaks directly to the customer.

SEO copywriting ensures that the keywords your target visitors are likely to use when searching for your services actually appear in your content and that your website can easily be found by these visitors. In the end, it is the harmony of great content and well written SEO copy that makes a successful website.

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