seo contentFirst, know this – there is no magic bullet when it comes to SEO. The way search engines work has evolved. Keywords will always be important, but the search engines look at the authority of your domain, what others think of the content, and the words used to describe your content in links. Social media has enabled people to cast votes for your content by linking to it.

SEO nowadays is all about creating content that is EPIC and so compelling that other people promote it by linking to it or sharing it. This increases trust and authority of the site and will help pages rank well for certain keywords.

Website Review

Communication Artistry can provide an overall website review to determine what parts of the site are effective and what may need changing. This can range from copy and images to structure and navigation. These factors help guide you to what actions can be taken to improve your ranking with the search engines.

Why have your website analyzed?

  • to determine if you are using the optimum keywords for your industry and region
  • receive a competitive analysis report to determine who ranks for your keywords
  • learn techniques to manage ongoing link building strategies
  • get a content review along with recommendations for managing development

It’s worth taking the time to review your website and determine what needs to be done. Communication Artistry has assisted numerous clients by offering feedback and suggestions on how to make improvements as well as helping them execute changes.

Contact Marnie Hughes at (905) 702-4266 if you’d like a complimentary website review.


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