Marketing Communications

Brochure Writing

A brochure is an ‘at a glimpse’ document that provides a complete message in a limited space.  To develop a brochure, consider the message you want to convey and the action you want the reader to take.

Marnie can help you:

  • Identify your target audience
  • Craft a message and call to action
  • Coordinate with designer for visual representation
  • Coordinate online posting of brochure and/or printing of hard copy

Press Release Writing

A press release is an excellent communication tool for keeping your business and its news front and center in people’s minds. This is also a tool used by many successful organizations for driving traffic to their website thereby improving their search engine optimization.  To create a press release, the message should be presented as current, relevant news such as a grand opening or the launch of a new product.

Marnie can help you:

  • Pinpoint the news message
  • Interview stakeholders to incorporate quotation
  • Craft copy to include announcement, expert quote, business summary, link to website
  • Distribute to online press release sites (or instruct client how to do this)
  • Coordinate upload to your website


A newsletter can take many forms. It can be a brief, text-only update to contacts sent via email. A newsletter can also be a more graphically developed, multi-page document posted on a website or printed.  Typically a newsletter will contain several articles on various related topics.

Marnie can help you:

  • Determine overall message and benefit to reader
  • Map out the various components of your newsletter
  • Interview or research for one or all articles
  • Write articles or edit content you provide
  • Coordinate email distribution
  • Coordinate upload to your website
  • Arrange printing of newsletter

Writing articles for print or web allows you to learn about a topic you may not have known about or it gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge on a subject where you are an expert.

Marnie can help you:

  • Research the article topic
  • Provide writing or editing services
  • Interview experts for the article
  • Submit article for publication
  • Provide list of online article banks

Case Study Writing

A case study or profile helps to illustrate the accomplishments of a company with a focus on one specific project. Most often this is done in order to illustrate to potential clients how your company has solved problems in the past for other customers and, in turn, show how they might also solve your problem.

Marnie can help you:

  • Determine which project might work best as a case study
  • Interview key people involved in implementation
  • Craft the message focusing on: stating problem, desired outcome, proposed solution, result
  • Assemble other elements such as images or video that may be incorporated into the profile
  • Coordinate distribution of case study, either for upload to website or for print

For more ideas on how to make an impactful case study, contact Marnie at