Business Blogging

Blogging is an effective way for a small business to consistently demonstrate expertise in their field. Sharing your knowledge or advice with a blog creates an ideal opportunity to connect with your community and developing relationships.

Marketing Communications

Every business needs some kind of marketing collateral to raise awareness of their products and services. Materials such as brochures, press releases, newsletters, and case studies are important components of a strong marketing communication plan.

SEO & Website Consulting

There is no magic bullet when it comes to SEO. The way search engines work has evolved. Keywords will always be important, but the search engines look at the authority of your domain, what others think of the content, and the words used to describe your content in links. Social media has enabled people to cast votes for your content by linking to it.

email marketing

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most cost effective methods you can use to reach your customers and prospects. It can be a brief, text-only update or a more graphically designed document depending on your audience and what device they will use to read the email.

social media management

Social Media Management

Developing an online presence is much more that setting up a simple website and hoping people will find it. You need to help visitors to your website through off-site tactics including social media. You may already be involved in such platforms as Facebook and Twitter, but have you planned out how you will utilize social media as part of your overall marketing strategy?



Your business or association may be looking for a dynamic speaker or trainer to bring a fresh perspective to your next business meeting. We will customize a presentation for your audience on topics such as marketing, communication, small business, and writing.