Articles posted online were once quite different than those published for print. Nowadays, many articles that are printed end up online as well. This means that keywords will play a part as they do with any online copy. The Internet is home to many article directories that provide a vast array of content useful for research or information purposes.

Why publish articles on the web?

  • establish yourself and your company as an authority in your industry
  • articles can be optimized for SEO by incorporating keywords and providing links to your site
  • when submitted to a number of directories, your content becomes widely distributed online increasing the range of readers you might reach
  • other websites might pick up your article as valuable content for their own website and provide a link back to your site

When writing any article, be sure to use a variety of sources unless it is an opinion piece. Even then, you may want to cite different references to where you got the information that influenced how you arrived at your opinion. Be original. Plagiarism is never tolerated.