I’ve been a goal setter for a long time. This is not something new to me. I know that to be achievable goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely (SMART). What isn’t included in that handy acronym is ‘Attached to Values’.

When I sat down last December to write out the 2014 goals I had for my business, the list included the usual things like how much money I expected to earn, how many new clients I expected to attract and what new products or services I would offer. All very reasonable things to consider when trying to grow a successful business. But what I failed to do at the time was to nail down the ‘why’ behind each of the goals. I was also a bit dicey on the ‘how’ as well so knew I needed to seek out some advice.

Enter Gary Bernier. One of the kindest and most gentle souls I’ve ever met even though we trained at the same karate dojo for years and obtained our black belts together. What I appreciate most about Gary is that he will be honest with me but express his feedback using language that is encouraging and supportive. We end a conversation with me feeling empowered to act.

At the beginning of the year, Gary and I chatted about the goals I had for my business. I was vague as I still had some details to work out and he suggested I check out his Goal Evolution Group. I’m very glad that I did. He first shared a worksheet to help me figure out how things were going for me at that time (I think you can download it here http://www.teambuildingactivities.org/). This one exercise forced me to evaluate what I thought were important goals and not just list the tasks I needed to perform to get to those goals. More importantly, completing this worksheet helped me figure out WHY I was bothering with those goals in the first place. It went one step further to encourage me to envision what things would be like once the goals were achieved and how I’d reward myself when that day arrived. All very positive.

In addition to defining my goals in terms of my values and in relation to all areas of my life, the Goal Evolution Group met virtually to discuss everyone’s goals and how we planned on achieving them. This level of accountability has been invaluable. As a sole proprietor I have only been responsible to myself so if something slipped there isn’t anyone there to call me on it. Now I have a group of people who are very motivated to see me reach my goals and I am motivated to see them reach theirs.

Are you a goal setter? How is that going for you? Is now a good time to re-evaluate your 2014 goals and make the tweaks necessary to be successful?

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