What a sage piece of advice from Jeff Goins (sharing the wisdom of Seth Godin). While discussing what it takes to become an accomplished writer, Jeff said ‘practice’ which one would expect as the answer. But not just jotting notes in a journal for your eyes only. He suggests practicing in public is the way to go.  Why?

Think about it. If you were learning to play piano, you would spend hours on reading musical notes and pounding out scales on the keys.  If you were doing it at home with no one around, are you really accountable to anyone? How well do you have to do it, really?  If your piano instructor was sitting beside you, however, you would put everything you had into making sure each note was correct (and you’d probably care about your posture and breathing as well, just to gain a few brownie points).  It’s the same with any pursuit, including writing. An audience makes us try harder.

The random thoughts that make up my journal are whimsical threads of words that help me move the emotion of the moment from my brain to the page. They are never meant for any other eyes but mine. But when I write an article I spend an enormous amount of time researching the topic and developing phrases that will speak directly to the audience. There’s a message to convey or an emotion to evoke and I want to give them the very best I can.  Blog posts are the same. I want the words to have meaning for the reader, but just as importantly, I want you to feel like I am speaking directly to you. Because I am.

So now when you undertake your next writing project, no matter how big or small, write it like it’s going to be published. Practice in public and see your best work shine through.


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