If you had to count the number of blogs you read on a weekly basis, how big would that number be? Two? Five? Ten? Of all the blogs you enjoy, what is it you like most about each post? Maybe they provide the information you want, entertain you or surprise you, right?

If I ask you what the blog looks like, will you answer “it’s about 500 words of text with one big picture”? That wouldn’t be unusual. In fact, most blogs still maintain this tried and true format (including this blog — until now) but many are starting to mix it up and bring some variety to their audience.

Enter the video blog. You might not always have the opportunity to watch a video (for example, if you don’t have headphones handy and don’t want to disturb those around you) but many times it’s a refreshing change from the same old text format.

So sit back and click play for Communication Artistry’s first video blog on the topic of SEO. We’d really appreciate your feedback in the comments section to tell us how we did!