In the daily operation of my business I find that the same questions keep popping up over and over. Both clients and colleagues want to know the same basic things. I love what I’m doing so answering their questions has never been a problem but I’ve wondered if there was a better way to help them get what they need and to be efficient about it. Can I package the answers in such a way that it is easily accessible and therefore gives people what they ask for right away? It was this kind of thinking that caused me to explore the idea of developing a training program for small business owners.

If this is something that you’ve been thinking about but are on the fence whether or not you should execute, I’d like to share these five reasons why you should share your expertise:

1. The people you serve need it. There’s someone out there who is exactly where you were when you were starting out. Fast forward a few years and look how much you’ve learned and accomplished. Did you do that on your own? Of course not, you stand on the shoulders of all the experts who came before you. You owe it to them to pass it on.

2. You enjoy talking about what you are good at. Then why shouldn’t your days have some element of ‘feel good’ in them? If you are doing something with passion, it shows. If you are training someone who wants to follow that same passion, you will light up. Your hands will be expressive, your smile will be broad, your eyes will sparkle and your heart will beat faster. There is nowhere else you’d rather be.

3. Sharing will make it better. Teaching what you know facilitates conversation and feedback which means you expand on what you offer and make improvements. Have you ever been to a brainstorming session with a mixed group of people? The creative ideas that flow are magic and the end result is far more than if only one person had input. Everybody wins.

4. You need a succession plan. At some point you will want to move on to new things and you will need someone else to take over the reins. There is no better way to do that than by imparting your knowledge to others and mentoring them as they ramp up.

5. Giving back feels good. Even if the way you share your expertise is through an ad hoc coffee date or a freebie seminar at the library, when you teach someone a new thing there is an inherent joy in having made their world a little bit better. There is immeasurable value in that.

So if you’re finding yourself answering the same questions over and over consider going beyond just an FAQ page on your website. Set up a training seminar or webinar. Create an online course. Give people the fuel they need to go out and find their own greatness and in the process demonstrate your own.

If this resonates with you but you don’t know where to start, feel free to contact me. Otherwise, drop by this blog next week and I’ll share more details about my course development journey.