As an entrepreneur you need to be adaptable to change. My personal experience has been to make changes in my business and service offering based on what the market needed. The challenge is to make those changes while remaining true to your overall business objectives. When thinking change consider these three points:

Goal Setting and Monitoring
The reasons you got into business in the first place may have evolved over time. This doesn’t mean that you toss your strategic plan away, it simply means you need to take another look at it. Most businesses set short and long term goals as a way to direct their efforts like plotting a path to a destination. It’s ok if the destination changes and you do a course correction. It’s also ok to recognize if you’ve veered off the path with distractions and need to find a way to get back on track. The key is to actually HAVE a destination and to keep an eye on what direction you take so you don’t wind up miles from where you intended to be.

Risk Taking and Trying New Things
What happens if you DO decide to head toward a different destination? Maybe what you’ve been doing for years no longer excites you. Perhaps the market has changed so much that you simply can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing and expect to stay in business and be profitable. That would mean you have to try new things. You’ll have to venture outside your comfort zone in hopes of finding something better. Does that scare you? Or does it give you that little tiny thrill that makes the hairs on your arm stand up?
If you’re afraid of trying something new or thinking of doing something you consider ‘risky’ imagine the last time you felt this way. Go ahead. Close your eyes and picture what it was like to feel this emotion. Was it fear, or was it exhilaration? How did things turn out? Now imagine what the absolute worst possible scenario is for what you want to attempt now. Is it something you can live with or recover from? Then all you need is a few seconds or minutes of insane courage to get started. Go and do it now.

Collaboration and Partnering
Can’t quite bring yourself to take the leap? Seek out someone you can connect with who has done what you’re considering. Ask them questions. Find out their process. Learn what they went through to get where they are. They might consider collaborating with you to get to the next level. You bring a lot to the table so don’t underestimate how truly valuable you would be to a partnership. Above all, know that you’re not alone. There are abundant resources at your disposal that are designed to help you be successful.

There is no reason to fear change. They say that courage is not the lack of fear, rather the conscious effort to push forward in spite of fear. Grab hold of those few minutes of courage and GO FOR IT! (Check out Marnie’s video featured on Brampton’s Entrepreneur FB page)

 is a writer and marketing consultant. She works with small and medium-sized businesses to develop their marketing communications and expand their customer base.  How is your business growing? For free 30 min consult contact or call 905-702-4266